Writing the ugly cry

13 June 2012

I am afraid to be ugly.

Before I hit publish on anything (blog, prayer update, email), I fret and edit and reread and check my thesaurus and edit some more. So today's challenge is a stretch for me.

Write something ugly and sit with it. Let someone read it. Invite feedback. And then slowly work towards beautiful.

There are a few projects I'm working on, things this 15 Habits challenge has inspired, things I'm slightly uncomfortable with, but trying to put out there and see what happens. And a few of them are still in the ugly stage. Like an Oprah's Ugly Cry kind of a stage. 

So, I suppose, it's time to be stretched...

I'm not following along really well... I mean, it's all swimming in my head, but not yet written on paper (or typed in blogger template). So forgive me for my lack of fortitude... I'm hoping this will all eventually become something beautiful.

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