The Thumbless Mitten

20 February 2012


I'm really excited to start my new series, Repurposing Discarded Treasures! There are so many amazing blogs out there about the art of repurposing, that I thought, "Hey, I'm krafty! Why can't I do it?" With that in mind, I bring you my very first project:


We all have them. Our favourite pair of socks that we wear every other day inside our trusty, clunky, old pair of Dr Martens. But the years of shoving your heels inside these leathery Mary Jane's have taken their toll. And behold, the hole.


And there is absolutely nothing worse than wearing socks with a hole in the heel and then stepping in the gallon of milk that your child has spilled on the kitchen floor. But you don't want these beautiful heart & argyle socks to go to waste!


So what do you do? Well, you make a thumbless mitten! This project was so unbelievably inspired, yet super easy to achieve. All you do is pick up the sock, put a hand in it - either hand! your choice! that's the beauty of it! - and, voila! A perfectly snug, yet very fashionable, thumbless mitten. Perfect for holding that piping hot (third this morning) mug of coffee, texting your sister that she's late (again!), or driving your child to pajama day at preschool.


The only caveat? The matching sock doesn't have a hole in the heel. Don't worry, though. Bide your time, put on your Docs, and wait for a hole to spring up in another favourite pair of socks. In no time, you'll have a quirky, mismatched set of thumbless mittens. 

And that's a good thing.

Ignore the confused look of your children. Your mitten is perfect.


  1. Definitely pinterest material...

  2. Don't you love not being perfect? I do!! I'm your newest imperfect follower-stop by for a visit!!

  3. I LOOOOOVE A's confused face!! It makes me laugh. So much that I had to come back and look again today. Thanks for including his reaction. Haha!

  4. Thanks, ladies, for the mitten love! I hope you, too, can find your inner craft-woman and let her roar with repurposing creativity and vigor. ;-)