Heart-shaped pizza for five, please

15 February 2012

I spent the day with my four valentines.

The first Valentine, he is all heart and soul, rising early for cuddles and carefully signing Transformers valentines for his classmates. He calls each one friend, and for this, I'm so grateful.

The second Valentine spent most of this February day in soccer shorts, with multiple watches and armbands aligning each wrist and throwing away the sweet little clips I hoped - one day, maybe just one day - would adorn her hair. She spends her quiet time practicing her hearts, bringing me her best, sealed with a kiss.

My third Valentine had a bit of a nudity problem as the night wore on, having spent most of the day in his jimmer jammers, jammin' on his guitar and wedging himself into crevices. His affection for me is carefully balanced with screams, as he follows me yelling, "HUGS!" or "MOVIE!" or "I DIDN'T DO IT!" These outbursts are quickly followed by kisses, baby snot, and the eventual stripping, streaking and bathtime.

This is how a mother spends her Valentine's Day, surrounded by these creatures of mystery, sharing a heart-shaped pizza and refilling cups of milk.

And the fourth Valentine? He cleaned the kitchen and kissed me long as he headed out the door for a meeting. Those two gifts were equally amazing.


How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

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