Gross stuff that comes out of babies

27 February 2010

This last week was full of firsts for us. Asher's first plane trip. Our first trip as a family of five. Matt's first time to Vienna. And then the gross stuff. Asher's first vomitting session. Ella's first vomitting session on a plane to Vienna (not her first time getting sick on any plane though... nothing can break the record of the Ireland flight of May 08!). Asher's first projectile poop. And my first time being covered in both types of grossness from both little ones in the course of one short week.

My laundry cup overfloweth.

But... beautiful pictures were taken. Beautiful times with all the children were had. Messy distractions were kept at bay. We were able to play, talk, think about our past and make plans for our future, cook, walk, adventure...

The traveling was rough, but the holiday week itself was beautiful.

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