A conversation

25 February 2009

Upon arriving home from school today:

Jackson: Mom, guess what happened today?
Mom: What?
Jackson: I got ashes put on my head like a cross!
Mom: Wow! That's really neat Jackson. Did they tell you why?
Jackson: Do you know why?
Mom: Because it's Ash Wednesday!
Jackson: How do you KNOW that?!?!?
Mom: Because it's when we start celebrating the season of Lent, before Easter comes! 
Jackson: You know everything!
Mom: Yes I do. Do you know what Lent means?
Jackson: It means giving up something you want and helping other people.
Mom: What would you like to give up for Lent?
Jackson: Sweets and chocolate!
Mom: Wow! Ok!
Jackson: So can I have some sweets now?

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