A good cry with God

31 March 2009

Sunday night as we were leaving church, we stepped outside to the smell of the spring rain. More specifically, the smell of a Kansas spring rain. And I cried.

Which leads me to my short little list for the day. Every so often (not too often as not to get permanently drenched in one's own tears) I like to have a little cry with God. I have a soundtrack - not all to be played at once, mind you, probably best to start one at a time and used sparingly - that helps me give the big and little things up to Him. Listen at your own discretion.

Sufjan Stevens : Holy, Holy, Holy
Nichole Nordeman : Every Season
U2 : Yahweh
Sara Groves : Less Like Scars, When it was Over, Maybe There's a Loving God (take your pick, really)
Waterdeep : He Will Come
Jars of Clay : Water Under the Bridge
Rich Mullins : My Deliverer
Jennifer Knapp : Martyrs and Thieves
The end.

1 comment:

  1. are you okay now?

    That's funny that you should mention that smell. I thought it smelled BETTER than Alabama rain, but Scott thought it smelled the same. Funny that we are all processing that particular thing.

    be well. hope to see you soon.