Blogging, reading, and other things I do to avoid cleaning

22 September 2008

There's been a bit of a lapse in the blogging department as of late, not that I don't have a bazillion things bouncing around in my head that I desperately need to write down and "process". For now, though, I am spending quite a bit of time reading. This is in the hopes that

a) I will learn something,
b) I will grow spiritually and/or intellectually, and
c) I can write some wicked book reviews that will blow your mind.

For those interested, or for those who have lots-o-time and can read many books at once, here is my reading list: 

  • Bowling Alone (so I can impress my new-found book club friends who I think are testing me with this nonfiction American read)
  • Travelling Mercies (so I can be an informed Anne Lamott judger, instead of an ignorant one... I'm surprised to say that, so far, I kinda like it)
  • Eat, Pray, Love (I don't know why... I think I'm reading it so I can rip it to shreds, but it's a borrowed book, so that might not be wise)
  • A Long Obedience in the Same Direction (so far, finishing this book is proving to be a long obedience in itself...)
I can't promise I will finish any or all of these books, but here's hoping that it will enable some good blog fun. Also, while reading all these books, I plan on squeezing in raising my children and the occasional design/editing work. 


As a side note, so you know that I have been reading books that are specifically work/Ireland/culture related, here is a list of completed (or partially completed) books from my first few months here:

I've thought about writing book reviews on these reads, but feeling still so inadequate in deciphering Irish culture and life in "full-time ministry", would rather save my snarky comments and irreverent opinions on books that come from self-centered Americans (A Long Obedience withheld from consideration). :)

Why I'm an editor at heart

15 September 2008

Because I constantly write something, delete it, write something, delete it, etc. etc. It never says exactly what I want it to say, how I want to say it, and never has the ability to be said (or typed) without consequences... of course I think of all the amazing writers who don't give a hoot about the consequences (James Frey, anyone?), but they don't live off of support like I do. Or at least, not in the same way. If they something provocative, they get paid more! And go on Oprah!

To be continued...

Another Top Ten, American style

13 September 2008

I've been putting off writing this post because I thought it would depress me. Seeing as I'm already in a funk and would like to just reminisce about the good ole days for awhile, here we go...

Top 10 things I miss about America:

  1. My mom's front porch
  2. Not worrying about who Jackson's playing with, or if he's behaving himself
  3. Peanut butter m&ms
  4. Our first apartment in Oak Park, IL (we haven't lived there in 7 years, and yet when I think of home, I think of that small, beautiful apartment on Humphrey. I think of Oak Park and Chicago in the fall and my old friends at Logos Bookstore... I remember the carefree-ness that being young, and newly married, and without responsibility brings... I remember how God provided that apartment... and I can literally feel my heart hurt a little)
  5. The hospital where my children were born and the wonderful OB that held my hand through the loss of another...
  6. Having an over abundance of parents and siblings around
  7. The Farmers Market in River Market, KC (and the mennonites and their delicious breads, buying fresh flowers in autumn colors, the pumpkin patch, and taking Jackson to the tiny coffee shop for juice and a ginormous cinnamon roll)
  8. Target
  9. Our friends, and our friends' friends, and various family members young and old, who gathered in our living room discussing politics, or calvinism, or love, or the latest episode of The Office
  10. Feeling normal

There you have it.

Forgotten Girl

09 September 2008

In all the hubbub of Jackson's life changing drastically, I realized Ella-centric posts on this blog are lacking. So let me tell you a little bit about our girl:

Our somber little non-smiler appears to have changed overnight.  She is simply boisterous. She laughs and sings and dances and speed walks (her favourite olympic event).  She loves to tell jokes, and loves even more to laugh at them.  When Skype opens up on our computer, she runs into the dining room, yelling: "Gramma! Jessica! Papa! Grampa Huber!" We can't leave the door open for a mere minute without her escaping down the street. 

Her best friend (besides Jackson) is our baby neighbour, Rachel. They exchange greetings every morning, love to say eachother's names over and over again, sharing pacifiers and little buggies and laughs and tickles. 

She has numerous "babies", all named Emma or LarryBoy. She eats sand by the scoopful, licks rocks, and loves to fall bum-first into the surf of the Irish sea.

She's also a great little sidekick for Jackson. A gift we thought we'd never have.

Hard, but good

This has been my motto as of late. Life, love, ministry, kids... all hard, but good. Yesterday was a hard, but good day. And really, it was more good than hard.

The hard part: proof of my baby boy growing up, letting go, continuously giving him up to God and saying "He's Yours".

The good part: a new beginning for Jackson, learning and growing and watching him learn something new every day, Matt saying, "He's becoming Irish!", trusting God more...