A little bloggery design

30 December 2013

Remember how my friend Nicole let me redesign her logo and banner over at her blog? Well, another brave soul asked me to redesign the WHOLE of her blog. I so enjoyed working with Dawn and her fun family blog, Dawn's Cottage Corner. She was very patient with me and had a good idea of what she wanted, creating a Pinterest inspiration board with design elements she admired.

As you know, I have next to no professional design skills, but I'm somewhat skilled at faking it. :)

I used the "Simple" template on Blogger and just customized fonts, accents, colours and images.

Anyway, pop over to Dawn's blog and give her a nice hello. Thanks for letting me work with you, Dawn!

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  1. We also sent our parents back home on Sunday. I admire you. I don't do well with goodbyes when I sent my parents or last month my sister back to their house. Instead I spend the time driving home from the airport drop-off crying quietly, grieving, questioning why we live so far away. Even though I understand and accept and even appreciate the reasons behind living so far away from everyone, I still grieve. We are fortunate to live in a tourist destination and love that some family and friends come quite regularly (sometimes a little overwhelming in fact). And yet, the goodbye is always so hard. It's easier once a few weeks have passed. Don't get me wrong, I love having the house back to our family, not worrying about additional people in the house/our lives. But I miss them once they've gone. And I love the anticipation when friends and family announce their next trip. And so, goodbye to mom and dad for now.

    1. Oh man, I feel you sister. I think I had it easy this time around because a) my mum was just here in August, b) we have plans for the next visit, which will be when we return to the US for my sister's wedding in May, and c) I didn't take them to the airport. It was an early morning run and I made my man do it. :) But I have driven that long and lonely road of loneliness where you cry all the way home and think, "What am I doing?!" I hope we'll have more variety in our familial visitors in the future, but due to the wedding, hope to see them all then... and then eventually here. Hope your Christmas with your family was so blessed and nurturing for you! I loved waking up to a full(er) house... and then I loved getting my house back. ;-)

  2. Ahhh thank you for a post feature about my lovely blog design. I truly just LOVE it!!! I may or may not just pop on over to my own blog to swoon over it =)