What I'm Into (July 2013)

31 July 2013

July was insane. Just insane. There was a road trip out west and camogie and serve week and computer camp and days without end where we stayed in pajamas for 24 hours straight (and then some). Summer always knocks me on my rear, and this one appears to be no exception. So before we hop on a plane, leave the kiddos behind with some family, do some more work and prepare for the next school year to start in 29 days (what? I'm not counting!), here's what I'm into:


Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver :: This is the first giant novel I've tackled in a long time and I'm nearly done. Oh, I really like this one, like experiencing the rhythms of nature through the eyes of the Appalachian female and how we're more animal than we realize.

Coming up...

I've checked out The Astronaut Wives Club and Painted Ladies for our trip to Germany next week. And the husband is requesting I attempt to read Tangible Kingdom again. Actually, I've started reading it multiple times, attended the conferences, bought the t-shirt and I'm all-in, I'm just lousy at reading non-fiction, particularly church/work non-fiction. Stay tuned.


We are almost done with Doctor Who! Just three more episodes and we'll be all caught up for the 50th anniversary. Have to tell you, though, not really loving it right now. It's like a first love that you're head over heels for and then you realise he's not funny all the time, and he yells at his sister, and maybe you got too serious too fast... I may be taking this all too seriously.

Other things on the telly/netflix... Portlandia (Season 3), The Americans (it's like Alias, but with Cosby sweaters, 80s music, and a super-mean Felicity), and New Girl (finally watched season finale, and... meh).


Silver Linings Playbook :: Finally got a chance to sit Matt down and force-feed this to him. Like a good man, he loved it just as much as I told him he should.

Saving Private Ryan :: I forgot how every single male actor in Hollywood was in this movie. I also forgot how melodramatic the soundtrack was. And how much I love Tom Hanks.

American Gangster :: Love this movie. Denzel is scary and Russell is the ultimate flawed hero.


On repeat... The Swell Season, Mumford & Sons, Waterdeep Worship.


This video (and article) of The Civil Wars made me feel all sad. Beautiful, haunting, sad.



Sunsets over the ocean
Rare thunderstorms
Family coming to visit
Making new friends
Reading in an actual book made of paper
Collecting my happy kids after a day of camp
The "unrelenting sun"
Rain returning
Walks in the evening with our crew
Kiddos stargazing and a crackling fire

We are all so beautiful (most-read)
Roundabout Russian Roulette (my fave)

So how about you? What were you into this month?

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  1. Mmm.. I agree. Thunderstorms are one of the most beautiful things on Earth, and it looks like you had an especially nice one there.

    1. a month behind... :) ... thanks for the visit! July was a great thunderstorm month, for sure. Our neighbour stood in his driveway during it, telling us, "The last time I heard thunder, I was probably 9 years old." !!!

  2. Definitely have a love hate relationship with thunderstorms. Generally I love them, but we caught right in the heart of one and I must admit, it was bit scary (close enough to the middle of it that one of our neighbors electrical system got fried by the lightning.).

    I loved Prodigal Summer, even more than the Poisonwood Bible and almost as much as Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

    Mumford Sons was on repeat in our car on our massive road trip. Great driving through barren lands/desert music.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Melani! Sounds like we have similar taste in music/books. :) And I agree about thunderstorms... love 'em from a near distance, but don't prefer being stuck under an overpass in the middle of Kansas during one! :)

  3. This reminded me that I never finished watching the last few episodes of The Americans. That show stresses me out but I still want to watch it. Fun pictures!

    Thanks for linking up with What I'm Into!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Leigh. I love this prompt, as it keeps me reading, digesting, looking for new things to enjoy and learn from. :)