For today, it is enough

20 July 2012


I've been praying this week, a bit more than usual. Carving out quiet times, seeking sacred spaces. Writing it down, these stories and promises, words flowing like air. I read them again and again, listening for His voice, asking Him...

How will this work?
Show us the way.

It's harder than it ought to be, reading and writing and saying...

Yes, I believe.

I drink the words in, taste them on my tongue...

God, give mercy.

It's not much, these four syllables, overlapping in my brain and my heart. It's not much, but those five minutes or 10 seconds are all I have.

And for now, for today, it is enough.


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  1. This is beautiful. I think a lot about "grace", and I love the reminder of "mercy".

    It really is enough, isn't it?

  2. Beautiful words . . . reminding me to focus more on His promises and praise Him in the moment. BTW, I love your bio! Thanks.

  3. Yes, so much harder than it ought to be. I strive for footing on this path He lays before me. I'm filled with fear, trepidation, lacking. I find such comfort knowing I'm not alone. Simply lovely, your words.

  4. Beautiful words. Comforting too, letting us know we are not alone. Good reminder, God uses what we have. A few minutes, time only for four syllables, or an afternoon spent with someone lonely, or months to be a missionary in a foreign land. Whatever we have, God uses. Quilted blessings, Nita

  5. I remind myself of this every day too. Even in when I don't have time, I have time to ask for grace. Thank you for sharing such beautiful words.