My children, on this day

14 December 2010

You are all drool and randomness. Your curious path of destruction goes from room to room. When you get overly annoyed, you lock your sharp teeth on the closest object at hand (mom’s leg, brother’s head, rocking chair’s arm). You wrestle furiously. You blow kisses. You demand to feed yourself. You sleep terribly. You love everyone.

You are a head-scratcher. And a head-turner. You are stunningly beautiful and disheveled, all at once. You like your clothes to be matching, but your socks to be perfectly mismatched. You carry a babydoll around all day. You like to wear capes. You like your animals to wear capes. You eat nothing but nutella, but your skin breaks out if you even get close to nuts. You have fun all the time. You love everyone, but you pretend you don’t.

You grow every day, but you’re still as innocent as a baby. You play and imagine all day long, totally carefree and without worry. You are the most creative kid, and your mind never stops working. You ask hard questions, and give good answers. Everyone is your friend. You give kisses and hugs indiscriminately, but with sincerity. You don’t know how to tie your shoelaces yet, but you know how to tell people about God. You love everyone, but you love Jesus most.

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