Compassion Blogging, Take One

11 June 2010

I've recently become a Compassion Blogger, someone who blogs on behalf of Compassion International, hoping to bring attention and support to Compassion and the children they so greatly impact. Today is my first such post, and I have no idea how to do it, really, but here you go. Our chance to make a difference.

Donate to Compassion International Medical Intervention FundAchile is 8. He needs heart surgery. For years he has lived the life of a sick little boy in Burkina Faso, and now, his situation is critical. Compassion has supported Achile through his illness, but now they need our help to see him healed.

To see Achile transported to India and receive this life-saving operation, please click the link above. Any funds received that go above and beyond the $20,449 needed for Achile's surgery will be rolled into Compassion's Medical Assistance Fund.

If you don't have cash, pray, or perhaps blog. Maybe just one person will read this and donate. Who knows? Could just save a life.
More on how Compassion aids children with heart conditions:

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