Freak Out

06 July 2009

Because you know how much I love Top 10 lists, here is a list of things I'm freaking out about. 

(Note: Some of you are new to Pregnant Karen, but several of you who read this are more than familiar with the wacky, illogical and hysteria-like ramblings of Pregnant Karen in her 3rd trimester. To the new people - I hope this doesn't make you question your judgment in following my blog.)

Top 10 Things I'm Freaking Out About

  1. All the crap I have to buy just to take into hospital with me. I don't want to give birth in a night shirt with pink hearts on it. And what if this baby is huge and all the newborn things I have to take to put him/her in don't fit? And bring my own towels? Seriously? My hospital bag is already full and I still have to find/get about 6-10 items!
  2. How on earth are we going to fit three child carseats in the back seat of our car? It's not like we can just get a new one, or trade up like normal people. 
  3. What if we run out of money/funding and have to move back to the States with a newborn? How permanent is this home we're bringing a child into? And where would we go or what would we do?
  4. I can no longer bend over, so I feel like everything around me is a dirty mess or falling apart and all I can do is just stand there and cry or try to talk the children into doing my work for me, which isn't going really well.
  5. I have still not met my doctor. At this point I hope I don't have to meet him and can just have a lovely midwife/nurse/stranger by my side during delivery. 
  6. This baby is measuring three weeks ahead of where he/she should be. I have now been put on a several-week-long waiting list for a sonogram. But I'm sure everything's fine, right?
  7. Potty training.
  8. The boy and girl won't sleep at night. They wake up at varying intervals screaming/crying/talking and then wake the other one up and then it takes hours for them to go back to (and stay) asleep. Am I to assume I will be getting up in the night with THREE children in a matter of weeks?
  9. How do I take maternity leave from a "job" I technically don't have? And can I start now?
  10. How is this all going to turn out? Will we be OK?

Welcome to Week 33.


  1. Yep, that sounds about right for week 33! A wild ride you're on...

  2. If it is any encouragement, I felt like that when I was about to deliver #3, but he turned out to be the happiest, least fussy baby I ever had. He also slept the best. Let's pray that on you for this one, too.

    Waiting to see the new one's picture.

    Three or four kids - definition is temporary insanity for a few months/years... but then they begin to grow up. That happens so quickly you don't even notice it until one day you realize that you ate sitting down, and they brought more milk when it ran out. Or that you didn't wipe any other bottom besides your own that day.

  3. Haha, Ellie! I like that last sentence...LOL!

    I don't find your 'rants' too strange, been there myself several times (four to be exact)...wish I could have been as honest as you about how I was feeling! :)

    Hang in there...