Now for some fun

26 October 2008

So I went all crazy working on that project these last two weeks (I refer to it as a "project" because just calling it a "flyer" makes it seem so mousy and easy, when in reality... well, you read the post). Now, the craziness is over, the printer has taken over, shiny new flyers will be posted to teens all over Ireland inviting them to a youth retreat, and I bask in the glow of a job finally done and being able to be just a tiny part of God's bigger plan.

Now, for some fun. Me mum has arrived from the States for some good times with the grandkids, and perhaps a few girls-day-outs.  I'm going to take a wee break from work for a few days, and then, on to the next project! 
And now, a fun pic for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes it really is all kicks and giggles.

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