Birthday Shmirthday

22 August 2008

Anticipating 30 sucks. So far, actually living 30 isn't too bad.

Last night awesome spouse and lovely friends took me out to dinner in Dublin - Mexican food! Brilliant!

And today, Facebook and about 30 of my closest friends and family sent me birthday wishes from afar. Skype let me see the faces of all of my parents. Sunflowers were delivered to my door. Apple pie was made (and vigorously eaten). Neighbours BBQed for us and now Matt and I sit on the couch waiting for 30 Rock to come on. (Oh wait, I just got that! 30 Rock!!)

Of course, 30 +1 day might not be so hot.

But still, for today... I am grateful for good friends, good food, and feeling at home in Dublin.

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