Five Friday Favourites

21 June 2013

I've gone back to the list-making. My creative juices have run dry and all I've got left is this tiny little attention span and the need to type fast about nothing at all. Which brings me to my newest series:

Every Friday I want to share five favourites of mine. And I want you in on the action, too. Leave a comment and lemme know: what are your favourites this week? And, like everything else, we'll see how long this lasts. You know how great I am at follow-through.

Here we go:

1) Carrie Loves :: I've been following Carrie's blog for awhile and I absolutely love her style, her bloggery DIY's and her quick, creative posts. I got my little social media icons from her, figured out how to center my right hand column from her (can you help with my margin situation?) and stake out her etsy shop like a creeper. Check it out and give her some love.

2) My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter :: Kristen at Rage Against the Minivan gets all the credit for sharing this amazingly wonderful, satirical and acerbic take on kids couture and pinning culture. I don't dress half as nice as these munchkins do, nor could I write the captions for each pin the way Tiffany does. Case in point:

3) This is Our City :: Speaking of Pinterest boards, I repin from This is Our City's board more than any other. Hopeful, urban, redemptive, artistic. All things I love. I wish I could hang everything on my wall, go everywhere, patronise every enterprise.

4) Feedly :: If you view blogs via Google Reader, I'm sure you've seen the literal warning sign that it will cease to exist come July 1. No need to freak, though. You can easily, seemlessly transfer the blogs you read (hopefully mine!) to Feedly. I've been using this reader for awhile now and love its crisp clean layout and use of white space. I've even taken to organizing the blogs I read into different categories. Give Feedly a try and lemme know what you think.

5) Arrested Development on Netflix :: Confession time. I am not super loving the 4th season of Arrested Development, now available for streaming on Netflix. Matt and I were superfans of the show when it first came out, have the boxset, can whistle the theme song by heart. But there's just something, well, heartless about these new episodes. All that being said, I am happy to have the Bluth family back and my favourite ep so far has been the Gob back story with the best show within a show: "And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You."

Ok, so it's your turn. What's got you excited this week?

No affiliates linked above. These are just things I love and want to share with you. Enjoy!

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