Flint Hill Fellowship (a call to art)

10 March 2013

Sometimes God forces our hand. He leaves us without many options, in a tight place, and we find ourselves calling out for help. It's hard to do that, to lean on other people, to make ourselves vulnerable, allow ourselves to be needy. But this is where service, compassion, and love come in. And that's what makes communities, families, and homes come alive. That's where Jesus dwells.

We found ourselves there more than once. And one sweet time (or two) John and Hailey answered the call. These guys, they are a gift, filled to the brim with fresh air and laughter, cocktails and books. They do it all and have done it all for us, including love on our kids and create lyrics and melodies.

I told Matt once I think I had found my heart language. We were new at Crossroads and new to this type of worship (a small, acoustic family circle, really), and I breathed it all in, came up new again. It wasn't John and his guitar (though talented) or the old hymns come to life (though inspired), but it was the atmosphere of peace. Of Spirit. Of humility and joy. Of stomping feet and raised hands.

Writing about it is hard, because we're gone now. So here's a taste for you (if you look closely, you'll see the wee three make a special cameo):

Praise and Thanks from John Dunne on Vimeo.

John and the Flint Hill Fellowship have recorded an album due to be released late Spring. But like us, they need a team of people to make it come alive (like the music, itself). We are so honoured to share the passion they have for God, for art, and for community, and we hope you'll consider joining us in supporting this work.

Erin Martinez, cello. Credit: Flint Hill Fellowship

Oh, and for your support, John is offering up awesome perks like name credit, handmade book of chord and lyric sheets, or a limited edition poster (have I mentioned that John is also a fantastic graphic designer?). I mean, really, how you can say no?

UPDATE: only a couple of days into their indiegogo campaign and they're already over halfway to the $2500 goal! Get in on this fast. :)

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