Flat Tire Tuesday

06 February 2013

I've been learning a lot about my kids since moving, and I've also been learning about myself. Here are my top five ways to make your children happy in the midst of a new routine.

1) If you get a flat tire on the way to school, DON'T cry in the car.

2) DO tell them it's not their fault, take them back home, and let them watch Madagascar whilst Daddy fixes the problem.

3) If Daddy can't fix the problem, DON'T make your children walk to school in sub-freezing temps, especially if the girl has a bad cold, is wearing tights and rockin' black motorcycle boots.

4) DO take them to a coffee shop that is conveniently located halfway between home and school when you realize you are all crying at the bus stop and not a one of you will make it to school alive.

5) DO fill them up with hot chocolate and whipped cream, let the barista lavish them with marshmallows, ring a friend to collect you, and watch your newly revived and warm children chase their shadows in the sun.

By 10:30am, they'll be happy at school, you'll be home in bed, and you all can try again tomorrow. Join me next week as I continue to share valuable lessons from my crash-course in risk management and childhood limits.

E says: "This hot chocolate totally makes up for you making us walk to school. 
Sorry we never made it, but yum! marshmallows!"

J says: "I forgive you for crying, mom."

Ever reached the point of no return, unable to turn back?


  1. Lesson learned. When you reach the point of no return, find a coffee shop!

    1. this is my general motto in all situations.

  2. Sounds like a crash course, indeed! If all else fails, try hot chocolate. A good plan in many situations, I bet!

    1. quite right! lesson learned. :) also, that barista has a fan for life in me.