A Tail of an Irish Wolfhound

23 April 2012

Our girl is obsessed with many things: arm bands, zebras, lego guys, and super heroes, just to name a few. As part of her ever increasing desire to be part animal, she's taken to wearing white tights, white shirt, zebra hat and a sock for a tail. And as her love for the Irish wolfhound has grown, my next Repurposing Discarded Treasures project literally dropped in my lap:


Ok, so it's a zebra tail. Whatever.

So we've had this bar laying around from an old infant/toddler seat/rocking chair. I think we gave away the actual seat ages ago, but the bar hung on and was used for things like makeshift light sabers, or swords, or eating utensils. One too many poke-in-the-eyes later, I was just one step away from dropping it in the garbage when the husband had a brilliant idea: "For your next project," he says, "A tail for E!"


Now, make sure you copy and paste what we did here. The directions are pretty hard to follow:
1) cut the bar in half, 2) take the foam insides out, 3) cut off the velcro tabs, and 4) tuck one of the tails into child's tights (or if your child prefers actual clothing - shorts, trousers or skirt).

And there you have it: a Human Irish Wolfhound with a nice zebra tail (and an extra to spare)!

Can you see the resemblance?

Fierce! (I think she thinks it's more wolf than dog...)


Your very own Irish Wolfhound-slash-Zebra-hybrid will be so happy, if slightly confused about her identity.

repurposing discarded treasures

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