Homesickness, the Irish version

21 September 2010

I've hit the homesickness wall on this side of the ocean. Missing Ireland and our friends and church and our house big time. BIG. TIME. Not that it's not amazing on this side. We love being near our family, enjoying reconnecting with old friends and joining some old and new fellowships, but still... it's home, but it's not home. So with that in mind, another top 10 list.

Top 10 thing I miss about Ireland:

  1. The sea. Duh.
  2. Seeing the mountains every day.
  3. Road trips up to Belfast.
  4. Having tea or coffee with friends or coworkers or youth or whoever happened to stop by.
  5. Book club, the awesome ladies, and reading for fun.
  6. Writing in Malahide. Oh how I miss writing in the rain and sleet in Malahide.
  7. Church. Raw, acoustic, personal worship and teaching.
  8. Dreaming with friends and coworkers about a future full of possibilities. Will we ever have a house in Galway with 6 bedrooms that are full of people and youth, looking for a safe place and community to belong to? Maybe not, but over there it seemed possible.
  9. My house. Yes, that's right. That same house i used to complain about where not everything was my own...  I can be so silly!
  10. Knowing we were where we were meant to be.



  1. Karen, I am relating...visiting Dallas brought back many things I miss from a place I thought I would never miss. I am trying to be grateful for the time I have now, instead of wishing for the time to pass more quickly so I can get on with what is next.

    I appreciate your sincerity and openness. I am sorry and glad, at the same time, that you are homesick for Ireland. That you consider it one of your homes encourages me, and I am sure it encourages the friends and neighbors you left behind. Thanks for being willing to let another group of people into your life for the sake of something beautiful.

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for your comments. I'm going through a bit of a crisis lately... wondering why I still write and if I'm really saying anything of importance. I hate to say I'm glad that you can relate, because a feeling of "homelessness" is not a great one, but I am glad and do find encouragement in the fact that God built us to long for - and with the ability to create - a home, a safe space, a community, and that He meets us there. I will pray that as you transition from the current to the next that you find more peace and comfort than heartache and doubt. I at least know for sure that He will be here - and there - waiting for you! :)