A conversation

25 February 2009

Upon arriving home from school today:

Jackson: Mom, guess what happened today?
Mom: What?
Jackson: I got ashes put on my head like a cross!
Mom: Wow! That's really neat Jackson. Did they tell you why?
Jackson: Do you know why?
Mom: Because it's Ash Wednesday!
Jackson: How do you KNOW that?!?!?
Mom: Because it's when we start celebrating the season of Lent, before Easter comes! 
Jackson: You know everything!
Mom: Yes I do. Do you know what Lent means?
Jackson: It means giving up something you want and helping other people.
Mom: What would you like to give up for Lent?
Jackson: Sweets and chocolate!
Mom: Wow! Ok!
Jackson: So can I have some sweets now?

New post

07 February 2009

So I was tired of looking at my ramblings in my last post, so here is a new post! Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant too. 12 weeks. This one's been a tough one (physically and emotionally) so not sure what else to say at this point... except that I'm really pleased that my one good ovary is apparently awesome. Too awesome, one might say. :)