Anything Praiseworthy

16 June 2009

Because the last two weeks have been so horrible and I often have a much easier time reflecting on all the horrible happenings, I'm going to take a lesson from Philippians and reflect on all the awesome and/or praiseworthy things that happened in the last two weeks:

  1. Jackson lost his first tooth, which was totally awesome because a) I didn't have to be there or pull it out for him, and b) he is SO brave.
  2. Got to have coffee/tea/diet coke with a couple of good friends, talking through some stuff and remembering that I am so blessed to have good friendships here.
  3. Had 2 great doctor's appointments. Baby is doing really well and it is so cool to hear Ella giggle every time she hears the heartbeat.
  4. Weather has been, for the most part, totally beautiful. I even have a bit of a suntan!
  5. I'm at that point where people will offer me their seats on the train. So nice.
  6. We got government approval (like a visa, but more like an ID card) to stay for another year in Ireland.
  7. Got some shopping done for the baby and for the hospital (a big relief to not feel totally unprepared).
  8. Got to go into Dublin twice in 2 weeks, which is a very rare treat.
  9. Went out for drinks with a new friend, a fellow book club goer and Alias fan. And by drinks, I mean 7-up. She abstained on my behalf. Very thoughtful. :)
  10. Had one really good hair day! I don't remember which day it was, but I do remember looking in the mirror and thinking, "Wow, lookin' good, Mama!"


  1. How wonderful! I am thinking I need some coffee time with some of my friends...hang in one is pregnant forever. I had to add that because everyone always told me that and I always wanted to ring their neck. Just thought I would share the love. Katie

  2. Sorry that you had a couple of horrible weeks there. :( Good idea to focus on the glad baby is doing well!