Like a kick in the...

22 May 2009


Welcome to week 27 everybody! Only one more week and we're in the homestretch of the 3rd trimester. This child is kickin' me all over the place... it's exhausting. Wakes me up in the night, keeps me up in the night, and don't even get me started on the heartburn. I've been feeling like I need to blog for ages now, but really all that's on my mind is how uncomfortable and knackered (tired, exhausted, wrecked) I am. Now, I totally understand childbearing for the miracle it is (in all it's weird and icky glory), but, well, I think this is it for me. Not sure my body (or my mind) can handle another one.

In lighter news of the week, husband has become my hero by assisting in the replacement of our car's clutch. Son has become my inspiration as he handles friendship trials with never-ending laughter and pleasantness (I, on the other hand, am a pansy when it comes to watching him "go it alone" most days). Daughter has become my consternation as she ransacks the house on an hourly basis, running from one end to the other tearing things up, jumping on me, screaming at ear-splitting decibels, and generally leaving me in a state of shock and awe at her downright craziness. In fact, her new question to me recently is: "Am I so crazy?" together with a shrieking, "Are you KIDDING me?!?!" (The former question I'm sure is from me, while the latter one is a carbon copy of her brother). 

Things in our house continue to be as busy and unpredictable as ever. And yet, I still go to bed each night with a smile on my face and extreme gratitude in my heart.

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  1. Your 'rantings' take me back...been there four times, don't think I could handle another one too well, either!

    How old is your daughter? My baby is turning 2 in July and your description of the ransacking sounds quite familiar! Wow, where on earth do they get all that energy?!