Top 10, Ireland Style

06 January 2009

So I've hit a rough patch with living overseas recently. Surprisingly to me, the 8 month mark on the culture shock curve shows an upswing, while I feel like I'm in a tailspin. So in order to help myself look at things more rationally, here is my Top 10 Things I Love About Ireland & Would Miss if We Left:

  1. Tea & biscuits (or even better, tea & scones!)
  2. The Irish church (not just our church, but the Christian community at-large)
  3. My coworkers, who I so rarely get to see, but always enjoy and learn from
  4. Living within an hour's drive of mountains
  5. Living within 5 minutes of the sea, and getting to see it nearly every day
  6. Public transportation (especially the train that runs by the sea)
  7. Our new Irish friends, several who have taken the time to mentor us in the ways of the Irish
  8. Rugby and hurling (really fun to watch, though I don't yet understand a thing about them)
  9. Jackson's school, which he loves
  10. No political commercials! :)


  1. An upswing? I thought that was about when the honeymoon was over. It IS tough, Karen, especially through the holidays. It's awesome you can find some positives. And give yourself permission to do some things you need to cope, OK?

  2. Beautiful picture! You've been on my mind lately, been praying for you as you continue to adjust to living in Ireland. Blessings, Becky

  3. hello k! just poppin by to see what was up, but I guess not too much at the moment. Or maybe Ella's sitting on you and you can't get up.