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08 December 2008

Just a few things of interest that I'd thought I'd share with you...

Ikea Hacker - my new favourite site. I'm in love with mostly everything they feature on here, wishing I were only half as creative as these amazingly inventive people.

Advent - I wrote a lengthy post on our ministry blog about our search for new family traditions. 8 days in and I think we're doing pretty well so far.

The Life & Times of the Thunderbolt Kid - OK, so book club was last week and I only got about 40 pages into this memoir, but it is so funny and nostalgic and a must for men who used to be boys and for those of us who have moms who steal sugar packets from restaurants. Also, it is a happy memoir, which is generally unheard of these days.

Sufjan Stevens : Songs for Christmas - As I told a friend recently, this is Folk, Indie, Bluegrass, Alterna Christmas at its best! LOVE IT! Available on iTunes for $15.99.

Radiant Magazine - my favourite online magazine (for the ladies) is back, revived and retooled! I have written for Radiant on occassion and would like to do so again if I can get my act together!

Finally, a picture of my sisters and me last year at Christmas. I miss them.

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