A year ago

17 November 2008


Ella says "dance" and "thanks".
She signs "more" only if absolutely necessary.
She puckers her lips when happy and tears at her clothes and hair when mad.
She cuddles more than before, especially after exposing bare bellies - hers and mine.

Jackson writes his name - all the time - every day.
He draws, too - LarryBoy and pumpkins.
He quotes lines from commercials and points with his middle finger: "Your world, delivered."
He prays and talks to God and he says God talks to him, too.

Matt is in Ireland, pursuing a dream, answering a call.
I think he will find Christ there, leading him.
I pray for his heart to endure the waiting.
Strength to overcome the fear.
Wisdom to replace all questions.
More like Christ now, to serve Him better later.
To introduce who He is to the doubtful and proud, we must be more like Him -
chase His holiness.

I am in Kansas. Finally learning a thing or two.


written 11 November 2007


  1. Now you need to do one for this year! I love stuff like this. Every New Year's Day (or close to it), I write in my journal a review of the year and questions for the coming year. I normally answer questions from last year, too, if possible. It's always really fun to go back and read last New Year's entry and see how things have changed. Especially when it comes to my walk/life with the Lord. So cool. You just never know what will happen in a year!

  2. This is cool! A good way to reflect on how the family is changing and growing. :) It would be fun to do once a year and then compare them!