Here & Now (and a belated goodbye)

01 June 2014

Leigh tells me it's about time for the monthly What I'm Into blog link-up. And right now I'm underneath a burgundy throw, feet up on an Amish ottoman, watching The Daily Show from a Kansas sitting room.

I'm in a new space. Literally and figuratively. One will vanish fairly quickly... like 4am tomorrow quickly. And the other I hope will stick around for awhile. Karen Huber ( has gone live and I'm packing up things around these parts. Thanks for keeping up with me here, there and everywhere (don't worry, The River Into Words will still be live while I import the old into the new).

But now? Here's what I'm into... (click on over to the new site to keep reading... and don't forget to add to your feedly, blogloving or favourite online feed. See you there!).