An update, in case my worried parental units are reading this

15 May 2010

Hey ya'll. I'm feeling snarky and upbeat tonight, so thought I should post a wee update on all things ambiguous.
[note: if you would like to make this really fun, every time I mention the word 'ambiguous', please take a drink of your preference: coke, water, beer, formula, whatever]
So...... we've had a few meetings. Good, though slightly uncomfortable meetings, but the end result is positive, so I'll go with it. We've got the official invite back, which is a nice response to one ambiguous area of my life. While on home assignment we will have actual assignments, which will be good and fun and hopefully encouraging and confirming and all that jazz. Also hopeful that they will in fact, finally, turn me into a better person. Well, we'll see on that one.

Anyway, one big ambiguous issue solved for the time being. Now, onto the next one! Packing! Any takers? I am so not a good packer. Actually, as I'm sure you've guessed, I'm not a good transitioner. I'm really, really bad at it. It seems like we've packed (or gotten rid of) loads of stuff already, but the house is still chaos! Of course, this could be because we've removed everything from drawers, shelves, and cupboards. Craziness still reigns and the path home is now oh so short. In all fairness, this issue really isn't all that ambiguous. Our leave date - 7 June - is fixed on the calendar. It's just surviving it all in between now and then. But I think we'll make it. At least tonight, I think we'll make it.

And now, a picture of the girl and I. Our alter-egos.


Can you tell I've had a lot of caffeine today?!?!

Finding God in Finding Nemo

08 May 2010

So on Saturday nights when Matt has youth group, the children and I have a cinema party. Tonight on the "big screen": Finding Nemo. I forgot how a) funny that movie is, and b) how it nearly makes me cry every time. The first time the man and I saw this film was very soon after the boy was born and we were on the verge of tears the whole time! Lame, I know.

Anyway, so tonight I'm watching, feeding the baby, keeping the other two in check, and it's at the part where Dory and Marlin are inside the whale. Now the water goes down past the whale's uvula (right?) and it looks like our two fish friends are going to meet a digestive demise. Dory's just going with it, telling Marlin that the whale says it's time to let go and that it'll be OK. But of course Marlin, prickly old man fish that he is, refuses. He catches Dory by the fin and asks, "How do you know something bad isn't going to happen?" Dory's answer: "I don't."

Epiphany. The future has a lot of question marks. There are very few certainties. The only one thing we do know for sure: God is good. Oh, and He loves us, too. As we hurl forward towards this move and transition and some unanswered questions (which, by now, you know I hate), I find myself asking myself (and husband), "How do you know something bad isn't going to happen?" We don't. Something bad, or uncomfortable, or sad, or unpredictable may happen. And God will still be good. And we may, in fact, still be OK.

But, maybe, even if we let go and fall, something good may be waiting on the other side. Something we couldn't see before. Maybe it's what we were hoping for, but requires a bit more work. Or maybe it's something unexpected... and better. Maybe God was just wanting us to let go, and let Him blow us out of His big blowhole.


So tonight, I'm gonna rest a little easier. I'm gonna go with it. Even if it's just for one night. I'll let you know if it takes.

The Praying Kind

02 May 2010

If you are of the praying kind, we could use loads of them right now. Decisions must be made and they are of the hard variety.