Five Friday Favourites

25 April 2014

I've had this post sitting in my drafts for ages; not that I couldn't come up with five things, but I've just not felt like writing. At all. But it's Friday night, the usual weekly cinema party is in full swing downstairs, and I'm surrounded by clean laundry in need of folding. Clearly now is the time.

1. I'm obsessed with neutral, organic home decor. We're in the midst of painting our kitchen white (really our only option since we are stuck with natural wood cabinets and green tile) and already I feel brighter and more at ease in our little rental. Love these images of whites, woods and simplicity.

Clockwise from top: 1 source unknown / 2 Scandinavian Kitchens / 3 Remodelista

2. Playing Uno with the big kids. Ella's at this great age where she understands - and enjoys - math, and they're both starting to figure out that playing by the rules is way more fun than cheating. :) This morning I came downstairs and found them playing side by side on the couch, laughing and helping each other and throwing cards down like Vegas sharks.

3. Easter Sunday. You've already seen the family pictures, but what I could not capture with a camera phone was the spirit of the celebration during the worship service. Our church is still relatively new to us, but on Easter morning, it felt like family.

4. Wedding invitations! Finally, after months of anticipation, the invitations to the wedding of the century came this week! We're officially one month out from my little sister's wedding and I could not BE any more excited (imagine me saying that line like Chandler Bing a/k/a "My scone. MY scone!" If you don't get that, move right along...).

5. The Mini Break. We were able to escape the bustle of suburban Dublin for a couple of days, just our little crew (plus a dog, now). We love it in Clare: sitting by the peat fire, the children in and out of the door and wandering through fields, waking up to the Atlantic, a bright purple sunset. Best part: no cell reception and no TV. Ok, maybe a movie or two on the laptop, and the kiddos brought their little mobile game devices. We're not saints, ya'll. But we were quieted, slept well, jumped on rocks and cuddled in tight. No excuses: take any chance you can and get away with the people you live with, even for a quick 48 hours. We all need a Sabbath from normal life every once in awhile.

hike/nap at Poulnabrone

rock pools, kilkee, county clare


Your turn! Hit me with five of your favourite things right now.


  1. Ok. Here goes.
    1 — My transplanted asparagus is coming up in its new home.
    2— Playing kickball in the backyard with Sophia and Levi.
    3 — The riot of birds singing in the early morning.
    4 — The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard
    5 — Eating Mexican (made at home and out) more times than I care to admit.

    1. Love it. Especially the Mexican food. I plan on over-indulging when we're in KC. :) Miss you guys! Can't wait to see you soon, esp S&L!