A Good Woman

23 March 2014

I have so much to say, and nothing at all; alternating long hours of speechlessness with a raging river of words. I think I will write about it long, good and hard someday soon. But for now, I'll say this:

One of the greatest influences of my life died this week. My mentor, teacher, ally and friend. Apart from my own mother, no other woman has impacted the trajectory of my life as much as she did. Probably unknowingly. Most definitely with humility. Always with extra measures of grace, mixed with a good bit of sassiness. And even though I know she is resting in her heart's Home, I am heartbroken. I can't imagine her not here.

She was a good woman. The very best. And I miss her so.

I'm sure I'll be back around soon enough. Life is wild as always. There's an American holiday to be planned and writing goals to work on and menu planning (always with the cooking?) to do. But for now I'm keeping a bit quiet, thinking a lot, crying in sudden jags, feeling so very far from home and all my old friends who knew and loved her like I did.

Eshet Chayil, Mrs T, woman of valour.

Rest in peace.


Obituary is a terrible word. I hate to have to use it. So for my friends who grieve for Mrs T, rememberances and condolences can be left here.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Karen. What a blessing to have had such a woman in your life. I am sure her legacy lives on in you and many others. Hugs x