To take hold of Him {a guest post at Velvet Ashes}

16 February 2014

One year ago today we shuffled three exhausted children and 18 suitcases through customs and past the sliding doors of arrivals. We were met by a gaggle of our new/old team, friends and peers and leaders, waiting for us with coffee and breakfast. They were good to not mind the wild ones, the blank stares, the just barely hidden fears and tears. We'd been gone so long, I felt. Two and a half years was just so long. Leaving after our first term was hard, brutal, painful. The waiting to return even more so. Resting and patience came only in the months and months of God gently calling us home. 

Join me over at Velvet Ashes to read the whole story, for the remembering and the celebration of one whole year back home... again.


  1. Ah! Didn't realize you just returned days before we arrived in France on Feb. 23. :) Oh, the memories of the last year…. Sending hugs from the true mountains of France, though the clouds are here, too, and we're likely experiencing a winter that is your norm.

    1. Well, actually we came on the 9th of January. But this post is just getting published now. :) So, happy one year anniversary to you!!!! I hope you are able to do a little something to celebrate. We took the kiddos to McDonalds at the local shopping centre for milkshakes. A small thing, but good to commemorate and celebrate! Hugs right back atcha.