This week in Uganda

30 January 2014

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A little public service announcement regarding my friends at Compassion. This is the week a small group of bloggers have trekked to Uganda to tell the stories of the children who are directly impacted by the work of Compassion International. These are children living in poverty, some orphaned and some recovering from traumatic events, some living with parents or siblings or friends of friends. These are the children sponsored by people like you and me, who are fed, go to school, receive health care and spiritual support from the very community they live in. 

This is incarnation right here, friends. A little bit of Jesus right here on earth, dwelling in the smiles and homes and dirt roads of Africa.

I hope you'll take a moment to visit one of the bloggers writing about the trip. This isn't just tourism charity, a drop in the bucket to show they care. This is accountability and responsibility, to put faces and stories and hearts to distant names. They take this seriously and they are reporting back what they find. Some things hard, some things beautiful, some things strange. These children could be mine, or yours, but because of Compassion we can choose to take part, support, pray for, love a child we would never otherwise meet.

Consider joining me and an amazing tribe of international friends in sponsoring a child in Uganda (like our Daphin) through Compassion. And if you do, leave a comment and tell me about it. Or maybe you already do through another organisation. I would LOVE to hear that story, too.

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