Having another go at fiction

02 January 2014

I'm pleased to look back at the last year and see a few new things, ideas, places and practices I tried on for size. Going back to creative writing and dabbling in fiction was one of them. I don't know if I'll actually ever focus on writing fiction, but it's been good exercise, a fun diversion and a brilliant avenue for meeting and engaging with new friends.

And since I somehow won the last flash-fiction contest I partook in, I got bumped to the tournament. Hope you'll pop over here and read a bit, and don't forget to vote for your favourite (poll at the bottom of the page)!

It’s not what you think. 
You want it to be clean cut, right versus wrong. You want to pick a side and you want the winner to be you. But there are no winners here. The labels we too easily conform to have no bearing here. You can say, “He’s too conservative, she’s totally liberal” all you want, but the value – the truth – is weightier than any one stereotype. 
They didn’t mean for it to happen. You should know that first. 
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Did you try anything new last year? How did it go? 

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